New App, Beat Slice =) Remixing to the People!

Well I have been away from the app store for a while working on my latest app. It’s called Beat Slice and it will help you unleash your inner Dj, even if you have no music production experience!
This one is a combination of all my talent so far, audio, iOS and Photoshopping. The idea was formed a few years ago when I started this as an Audio plugin but never finished and left it in my black hole folder on the desktop. Recently I found out that Apple had allowed access to the music library on your phone and I came up with a plan to resurrect the old code as a remixing toy. The challenge with the mobile market is that if you want to make a few bucks you need mass appeal, and for mass appeal you need some easy + cool + fun. The business model is to get the free app to a large audience and sell premium effects, exports to SoundCloud and ringtones. So after six+ months of work here it is!

Hope you like it and if you do don’t forget to give me ★★★★★!
A youtube video would be awesome too!

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New iPad app! – iNow

iNowiNow is an iPad app which does one simple thing. It lets you create a To Do list you can move around and re-order very, very simply and easily. What makes this organizer special, is it’s unique approach that helps you focus on a reasonable number of tasks each day.

iNow is based on Bill Liao‘s Stone Soup philosophy for organizing and maximizing your life.  It’s been truly a great opportunity to work with him.  Another great thing about this project is that I could collaborate with my father.  He was always curious about iOS development and this was a great opportunity.  My father focused on the model/db side so I could focus on the UI part.  Bill wanted a tactile an realistic approach so I designed the GUI with a rustic wood style in mind. We added some random tilt to the tasks so it seems as though the tasks were tossed on the desk. The graphic code is Core Graphics and UIKit.  It was challenging to get the tasks to look tactile while allowing them to resize and look good scaling up or down.  I used an outer shadow clipped to the rounded rect, another blur for the highlight and one inner shadow for the lower corner.

We got some more updates coming up so stay tuned.


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iSand-HD even more fun at the beach…

It’s iPad fever time and I just finished upgrading iSand for the big screen. More screen + More grains = more fun. Spent some time optimizing the graphics to maximize the amount of particles on the screen. The verdict is that the iPad’s processor rocks. I just doubled the amount of grains compared to the 3GS, and it’s smooth as can be. It also seems to handle multiple touch with no effort, which is all done on the CPU. It was challenging to get the orientation right. The main OGL view should not move while the toolbar and the status bar do.

Here are some screen shots:

And of course the link…  iSand-HD


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iSand – iPhone/iPod Touch Sand Art Particle Simulator

Apple just approved another app of mine, iSand. I know it’s cheesy adding the i but it was available and i wanted to be the one… Any way this is a sand art simulator with simulated particle physics. This app pushes the OpenGL ES on the iPhone to the limit. I wanted to be able to produce as many grains as possible without becoming unresponsive. Allot of optimizing and I got it to 9600 on the 3g and 17066 on the 3GS. The 3D hardware upgrade and the processor speed increase the 3GS makes a big difference. I’m gonna continue to try and push in more sand particles in the next update.

If you got it, make sure to give it 5 stars!

iSand – iPhone Sand Art Simulator

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iPhone application – Infected Mushroom’s Smashing the Opponent

Smashing the Opponent - iPhone game
Things don’t get cooler then this.
An iPhone first person shooter game for none other then Infected Mushroom. I met Infected at their show in Dublin early this year. Erez Eizen wanted an iPhone game that would allow the band to get in touch with fans and promote their new album “Legend of the Black Shawarma”. Inspired by the album art conceived by Jeff McMillian, I worked on bringing it to life as a simple whacking game. But I got carried away and decided to challenge myself and create a first person shooter, something I had not attempted before. The challenging parts was getting a decent frame rate while rendering the forest. I found out that is was more efficient to do the transformations of the field objects on the CPU and not using the OGL matrices. Memory as always is tricky on the iPhone. I used the Oolong Engine for the texture compression and the audio streaming. Tip: Don’t mix this with the AVAudioPlayer, they will compete on mp3 decoding, I was amazed to find out that this gave me drops in frame rate.

Check out the game:
Smashing the Opponent at the App Store

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iPhone application – We Both Know – See which contacts you share with others

We Both Know

WeBothKnow allows you to see who you know in common with others. Skip the name game – just launch WeBothKnow, have your friend or new acquaintance do the same, and see who you both know within seconds. WeBothKnow takes the age-old practice of trying to figure which common acquaintances you share with someone, and makes it quick and easy.

WeBothKnow was conceived and designed by Shachar Gilad, and programmed by myself (Kenneth Weiss). Shachar contacted me about a year ago with his idea of comparing contacts on your mobile phone over bluetooth. At the time the only way to do that on the iPhone was over WIFI. That was not exactly a smooth ride for the potential users. Both phones would have to sit on the same wifi network and it would not work unless you have access to wireless. Apple’s new Game Kit framework hit it right on the spot. It was easy to use and provided the blue-tooth communication needed for this app to be simple and easy.

Security of personal data is an important factor for the success of the product. We took great care in designing a system that would never expose personal information.

  • Phone numbers and email addresses are encrypted and garbled so that they can’t be decrypted
  • Nothing other than the encrypted phone or email address is transfered
  • Both people must agree to the compare process before it commences.
  • You can hide contacts you do not want to share with others.
  • The results are composed from the info on your phone and do not show any info from the other phone.

For any feedback please feel free to contact me!

© 2009 All rights reserved. Patent pending.

We Both Know – on the iTunes app store

We Both Know product website

We Both Know on YouTube

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iPhone application – Pointer Cards – Visual Translations in 11 Languages

Visual translation in 11 languagesAnother freelance iPhone application I recently completed is Pointer Cards. Pointer Cards is a handy language translator for travelers. It includes translations of common words to 11 languages. The client needed a simple way for content management so I created a series of perl scripts that create a folder database. This is all done in Objective-C and some tricks were needed to make the card browser work. What happens is it takes time to load all the preview icons and that starves the main application thread. So I spawn a thread for each UIImage that gets loaded. I will post some source code soon.

Buy Pointer cards:
Pointer Cards on iTunes app store
Pointer Cards

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Moving to Boston and Working for The MathWorks


I Finished my contract with NewBay and looking for things to do, When I get an email from the MathWorks asking me to come over and join them! MathWorks is a privately held, multi-national corporation that specializes in mathematical computing software. This is truly an amazing opportunity to work for this prestigious company. I have known the MathWorks since the days in Waves Audio where we used MatLab for prototyping our digital effects. At the MathWorks I would be on a team that is responsible for redesigning the user interface for the Simulink application.

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PaperVision3D+ ActionScript3==funtime…

barbieshanghaiIt’s been a while since I had done any decent flash/Actionscript programming. For some reason I had the feeling that nothing was really changing for the last few years. I was so wrong. I have been in a coma while some talented brains have been plotting and building 3D engines that actually work under (the not so optimized) flash player.

So I’m back at it with a papervision3d project for Barbie Shanghai‘s website.
What seemed simple in the first glance was actually quite challenging. The site was designed with cover flow in mind. The problem with the design is that its a pseudo 3D scene, its not a mathematically accurate perspective. The solution was to create an individual Viewport3D scene for each object in the movie. For the movement on the y axis I am actually tweening the whole viewport of each object on the stage. For performance I only render the Viewport3D for each floor only when its changing in size or animating.

I used the Tweener package for all the tweens. I needed to tween the ColorMaterial’s fillColor. So I created a package based on how tweener splits the color hex value. Here is the code for the package: – Papervision3D ColorMaterial property for Tweener. To use it you must call PaperVisionColorMaterialProperty.init(); somewhere in you code.

If you don’t know what PaperVision3D is about, check the following links:
Papervision3D – The source.
ROXIC  – Nice “fake” 3D, notice that the spares are not real 3D objects.
MR-doob – This guy has really mad experiments going on in his lab.

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New Track: Money Maker

Nice electro track I made over the weekend… The vocals have been laying about for years. It still needs allot of work to get the lead sound to screech right. And I need to add some more ambient effects.

Hope you like it!


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Native iPhone Application: Tap-N-Flip

Ok some changes. Othello is just too easy. That is why there are about 10 different versions of the game in the app store. So this game is an arcade version of Othello. It has levels, Score, lives and can be played multiplayer. I implemented the GUI with OpenGL ES and added some sounds using the Open AL api.

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Native iPhone Application:Wi-Reversi

I have been working for the past month on an iPhone version for the classic game Othello/Reversi. Basically its a board game where you need to flip as many of your opponent pieces that you can. Seems to be quite popular game as I have noticed 2 other developers have made their Cocoa Touch version. Anyways I will still persue this as I have 2 nice features that are unique.

Wifi mode – the if two versions of the game are located on the same wifi network, The players can play a multi player game where each player has his own view of the game on his iPhone.
Insanity mode – When playing multi-player mode, you can select the Insanity mode. There are no turns and each player needs to tap faster then the opponent to finish the game.
The AI part and game logic were coded by my colleague Aaaron Davidson. Aaron is an extremely talented AI and games systems developer.

I hope to have this released on the Apple Store soon enough. I need to give the UI some final touches.

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WordPress rocks, from now on it’s a blog

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Code: Trolltech QT Development

QT on Wikipedia: Qt_(toolkit)

QT is a cross-platform application development framework, widely used for the development of GUI programs, and also used for developing non-GUI programs such as console tools and servers.

I have been getting into QT development lately in work and at home. The framework is a clean cross platform C++ toolkit. Other then the GUI, it provides a simple and elegant abstraction to all the system API’s. I find myself spending less time messing with with writing another file manager or graphic manager, and focusing on the actual application. The documentation is great and covers the objects well. They have an object for any type of action you would need in an application and most of the times its written the way I would.
The most important benefit for me is the ability to see all the frameworks code. Unlike Windows MFC development, I would find myself stepping deeper into the objects and getting a clear understanding of what they exactly do.
So from now on if I need to develop any Cross platform applications this is my preferred framework.

Learn more about QT:

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Website: Natan Elkanovich 

I am working on a website for a talented named Natan Elkanovich. Natan’s work is manly Pop-Art and he uses a combination of Acrylic, Silicone and Mix-Media to create intricate and detailed paintings.

I needed to create a website that is easy to maintain and quick to change. I wanted to create a way for him to change the gallery without the use of complicated web interface. My solution was a series of perl scripts that will automatically generate the website from a collection of images organized in a folder hierarchy. For creating the thumbnails and editing the images I used ImageMagick combined with the PerlMagick module. It takes about 2 minutes to generate the whole site.

Check out Natan’s site: Natan Elkanovich

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Developing Native iPhone Applications

Developing Native iPhone ApplicationsMy first cell phone was an iPhone. It’s a decade late, but a good entry into the mobile world. So now that I am a proud iPhone owner and an experienced Apple developer, the next natural stage would be to develop some killer applications for the iPhone OS.

I have downloaded and installed the iPhone developer SDK. It’s basically a simplified Cocoa framework and proves to be extremely easy to learn.

So stay tuned for updates on future projects!

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MacHEADS the Movie

MacHEADS the MovieYou need to check out MacHEADS the Movie. Not only for the obvious reason that it’s about Macs, and we love macs, but also a good friend of mine, Koby Shely happened to direct it.

The movie is now 2nd place in documentaries in iTunes! Good job Kobi!

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Working for Pocket Kings and moving to Ireland 

Full tilt pokerPocket Kings provides Technology and Marketing consulting services to the online poker industry and one of the fastest growing poker sites. The company is located in Dublin, Ireland. I will be working as a client side developer for the mac software application. I am starting to work today and I am very excited. Most of my web experience has been with http, so this is a great opportunity for me to learn some new client/server skills and network protocols.

It’s time to move on… too much pixel pushing and office politics turn your brain into jelly…

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Apple WWDC 2007, I’m here!

This is unbelievable, I’m finely here! The atmosphere is great. Loads of mac heads, all lined up to see the rock star. I wonder what he is going to pull out of his hat this time… And one more thing… iPhone with 3G?

After all this time being an Apple developer, my company sent me here. This is going to be a great conference. Lot’s of cool session here and I am intending to be in all of them. My goal is to get closer with objective-c, learn more audio tricks, and go to the Core Audio Lab. It’s always great to meet the developers face to face and get information on the internal workings of some of the apps. As with all the sdk’s, at some point you are pointing in the dark and its always enlightening to speak to the designers.

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Website: Orion Design

אוריון - דקים פרגולות מעץ איפאהI created this website for my brother Orion. He is a deck contractor and needed a portfolio site. He needed gallery which he could constantly change, upload images and organize albums. I found the open source Gallery which came up 1st on google when I typed gallery. It was a great choice. There is a minor learning curve for the administration but the flexibility is awesome. He is constantly changing the site and I have almost 0% maintenance time.

Check out Orion’s site: דקים פרגולות איפאה

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Print-CD Cover: Space Monkey-Hyperactive 

Cover CD for Space Monkey’s 2nd release. SM wanted something similar to the first cover but he had an image of a gas mask that he wanted us to use. The addition of the samurai crest on the top gave the art a manga sort of touch which i liked.

You can purchse the release here:
Space Monkey-Hyperactive

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Waves Tune – Working on a new plug-in from Waves

A year and a half in the making, this is an awesome project that I was privileged to work on. Waves Tune is a Vocal Tuning Plug-in that is used for fixing out of tune singers or can be used as a modern vocal effect.
From Wave Tune Product Page:

The singer has just wrapped up an amazing take. The phrasing, the emotion, the delivery, it’s all there. But there are notes you’d like to change, and others that need to be fixed. You need perfect pitch transformation. You need precision realtime editing capabilities.
You need Waves Tune. With full ReWire support, formant correction, and an extensive palette of pitch shaping tools, Waves Tune lets you do all your editing right there within your DAW environment – no need to export sections or work offline. Better sounding and more flexible than any other pitch correction processor, Waves Tune will get your vocals back on track.

In this project I became more acquainted with OpenGL and 3d graphics programming. There was allot of room to explore, so I could focus on making the interface smoother and cooler. There is a nice zooming effect I created and when the pages are moved the screen will slide into the point of view. You can see the zooming effect on this video: Waves Tune Video on YouTube
Another cool aspect was using ReWire not for the audio capabilities but for the synchronization and ability to control your host application from within the plug-in’s GUI.

This Plug-in will be released soon and will support the following platforms:
VST – Window and Mac OS X
Audio Units – Mac OS X
Pro-Tools/RTAS/Audio Suite – Window and Mac OS X
MAS – Mac OS X

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Print-CD Cover: Agitato Homemade 

CD print job for Agitato. It was hard to get the idea for this one, but once I had it, it was quick to produce. I wanted to capture the meaning of homemade products and make it trancy, so pickled creatures was the way to go. This was an excelent opprtunity to get started with Maya. The 3d germs were basic enough. Some nice shaders from Highend3d give them a nice silky touch.

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Print-CD Cover: Agitato – Stereo Activity

New compilation from Agitato. This one was a bit restricting. The label insisted on having speakers on the cover which is the brand mark of the compilation series. Created the speaker object with Maya.

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Print-CD Cover: Chillum 4- The ultimate tribal ambient journey  

Just finished a CD cover job for Agitato Records. Agitato is an Israeli independent trance music label. The inspiration for this one came to me as I was toying with the chill word in my head and thinking of the most chilled being on earth. Jellyfish, floating about in the cold ocean. The art is made from a collection of real and rendered jellyfish tentacles laid over a hi-res image of a jellyfish.

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Website+Music: Short Term Project

The Short Term Project - Pop Dance Vocal TranceJust finished uploading my bands newest site. the Short Term Project is an Euro/Dance/Club project that I’ve been working on for the last year and a half. I think it’s time to spread the word and give people a chance to catch my tunes. All of the songs are written by me and Nixa. All the music is generated on my Mac with Logic audio, Pro-tools and loads of soft synths and plugins.

You can view the site and download some MP3’s:
The Short Term Project – Pop Dance Vocal Trance

The site is mostly a Flash animation I made. Took a while to sketch the characters. I guess I am a bit rusty…

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Print-CD Cover: Trauma – TB-O-NOT-2B 

I really love this one. The name of the band makes it hard to make a cover that is not heavy metal. I needed to mix the TB303 from the releases title with the name of the band. So we have a TB in the trauma emergency room. I’m not sure if all the viewers get the perspective of this image, Perhaps I should have added a glass table so the TB is not hanging mid air. The artist was thrilled when he received the cover.


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Print-CD Cover: Indica 

CD cover for a new release from Agitato. This is the second cover that I am creating for Agitato. Seems they liked the previous cover I did for Space Monkey and I am enjoying designing CD covers as well.
I have created something pretty generic, this is a standard Trance cover, no messing. Used Maya for rendering the landscape and added lots of layer overlays in Photoshop for the Mandala.

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Print-CD Cover: Space Monkey – Psychotic episode

This is my first attempt at an album cover. DJ Space Monkey happens to be a good friend of mine so this was a good opportunity for me. The basic idea was to try and get something psychotic/monkeyish/futuristic/trancy. I think it came out quite right. The art is created by overlaying a ton of images onto the monkey and blending them all together. Space monkey applied some post processing.

The CD can be purchased here:
Space Monkey – Psychotic episode


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Nice Flash Actionscript Sample

This is a nice Actionscript flash animation I created. I used it for the chromosoniq site. It is some sort of a navigation panel and each planet represents a page in the site. It demonstrates a ‘fake’ 3D animation. All the planets are image sequences that have been pre-distorted in Photoshop. The light reflection is added to the Movie Object as a top layer with some gradient. I use some simple math calculations for placing the objects.

View full screen version

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Mac head from the age of 6, when I got my hands on our first Apple ][. I have been loyal since, although I do occasionally stray to other systems. I am a C++ Macintosh/Windows developer for 10 years and an iPhone enthusiast. As soon as the official iPhone OS SDK was out I began coding on the Cocoa touch platform. I enjoy every aspect of creativity that software programs have to offer, from graphic design to music composing. I am crazy about the web and in my spare time I develop websites to stay in touch with the new technologies.