iPhone application – Infected Mushroom’s Smashing the Opponent

Smashing the Opponent - iPhone game
Things don’t get cooler then this.
An iPhone first person shooter game for none other then Infected Mushroom. I met Infected at their show in Dublin early this year. Erez Eizen wanted an iPhone game that would allow the band to get in touch with fans and promote their new album “Legend of the Black Shawarma”. Inspired by the album art conceived by Jeff McMillian, I worked on bringing it to life as a simple whacking game. But I got carried away and decided to challenge myself and create a first person shooter, something I had not attempted before. The challenging parts was getting a decent frame rate while rendering the forest. I found out that is was more efficient to do the transformations of the field objects on the CPU and not using the OGL matrices. Memory as always is tricky on the iPhone. I used the Oolong Engine for the texture compression and the audio streaming. Tip: Don’t mix this with the AVAudioPlayer, they will compete on mp3 decoding, I was amazed to find out that this gave me drops in frame rate.

Check out the game:
Smashing the Opponent at the App Store

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