iPhone application – We Both Know – See which contacts you share with others

We Both Know

WeBothKnow allows you to see who you know in common with others. Skip the name game – just launch WeBothKnow, have your friend or new acquaintance do the same, and see who you both know within seconds. WeBothKnow takes the age-old practice of trying to figure which common acquaintances you share with someone, and makes it quick and easy.

WeBothKnow was conceived and designed by Shachar Gilad, and programmed by myself (Kenneth Weiss). Shachar contacted me about a year ago with his idea of comparing contacts on your mobile phone over bluetooth. At the time the only way to do that on the iPhone was over WIFI. That was not exactly a smooth ride for the potential users. Both phones would have to sit on the same wifi network and it would not work unless you have access to wireless. Apple’s new Game Kit framework hit it right on the spot. It was easy to use and provided the blue-tooth communication needed for this app to be simple and easy.

Security of personal data is an important factor for the success of the product. We took great care in designing a system that would never expose personal information.

  • Phone numbers and email addresses are encrypted and garbled so that they can’t be decrypted
  • Nothing other than the encrypted phone or email address is transfered
  • Both people must agree to the compare process before it commences.
  • You can hide contacts you do not want to share with others.
  • The results are composed from the info on your phone and do not show any info from the other phone.

For any feedback please feel free to contact me!

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We Both Know – on the iTunes app store

We Both Know product website

We Both Know on YouTube

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