iSand – iPhone/iPod Touch Sand Art Particle Simulator

Apple just approved another app of mine, iSand. I know it’s cheesy adding the i but it was available and i wanted to be the one… Any way this is a sand art simulator with simulated particle physics. This app pushes the OpenGL ES on the iPhone to the limit. I wanted to be able to produce as many grains as possible without becoming unresponsive. Allot of optimizing and I got it to 9600 on the 3g and 17066 on the 3GS. The 3D hardware upgrade and the processor speed increase the 3GS makes a big difference. I’m gonna continue to try and push in more sand particles in the next update.

If you got it, make sure to give it 5 stars!

iSand – iPhone Sand Art Simulator

One thought on “iSand – iPhone/iPod Touch Sand Art Particle Simulator

  1. Hi, i see your application is amazing but i can’t find it on appstore.
    Please help me and i am also an ios dev, i think it is difficult to simulate sand look wondderful as your app.

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