Native iPhone Application: Wi-Reversi

I have been working for the past month on an iPhone version for the classic game Othello/Reversi. Basically its a board game where you need to flip as many of your opponent pieces that you can. Seems to be quite popular game as I have noticed 2 other developers have made their Cocoa Touch version. Anyways I will still persue this as I have 2 nice features that are unique.

Wifi mode – the if two versions of the game are located on the same wifi network, The players can play a multi player game where each player has his own view of the game on his iPhone.
Insanity mode – When playing multi-player mode, you can select the Insanity mode. There are no turns and each player needs to tap faster then the opponent to finish the game.
The AI part and game logic were coded by my colleague Aaaron Davidson. Aaron is an extremely talented AI and games systems developer.

I hope to have this released on the Apple Store soon enough. I need to give the UI some final touches.

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