New iPad app! – iNow

iNowiNow is an iPad app which does one simple thing. It lets you create a To Do list you can move around and re-order very, very simply and easily. What makes this organizer special, is it’s unique approach that helps you focus on a reasonable number of tasks each day.

iNow is based on Bill Liao‘s Stone Soup philosophy for organizing and maximizing your life.  It’s been truly a great opportunity to work with him.  Another great thing about this project is that I could collaborate with my father.  He was always curious about iOS development and this was a great opportunity.  My father focused on the model/db side so I could focus on the UI part.  Bill wanted a tactile an realistic approach so I designed the GUI with a rustic wood style in mind. We added some random tilt to the tasks so it seems as though the tasks were tossed on the desk. The graphic code is Core Graphics and UIKit.  It was challenging to get the tasks to look tactile while allowing them to resize and look good scaling up or down.  I used an outer shadow clipped to the rounded rect, another blur for the highlight and one inner shadow for the lower corner.

We got some more updates coming up so stay tuned.

Techcrunch –

iNow might be the productivity app the iPad has been waiting for

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