Working for Pocket Kings and moving to Ireland 

Full tilt pokerPocket Kings provides Technology and Marketing consulting services to the online poker industry and one of the fastest growing poker sites. The company is located in Dublin, Ireland. I will be working as a client side developer for the mac software application. I am starting to work today and I am very excited. Most of my web experience has been with http, so this is a great opportunity for me to learn some new client/server skills and network protocols.

It’s time to move on… too much pixel pushing and office politics turn your brain into jelly…

36 thoughts on “Working for Pocket Kings and moving to Ireland 

  1. Hi Kenneth
    I am going to be talking to Pocket Kings about a position within Documentation. Can you tell me how your relocation has gone?

  2. Hi,

    I’ve worked for PK almost 6 Months and hated it, the atmosphere is very depressing as they fire you for any reason , anytime.

  3. It’s a pretty awful place I saw allot of people come and go in a short period of time. Keep in mind that they are all poker players so bluffing is part of their culture 😉

  4. Hi guys,

    I have been researching the company and have been sent a test and a job spec for SOA. I was wanting to gather information on the company and so hoping you could let me know who the Recruitment manager is and their name as well as the CTO’s as apparently I will be reporting to him. Can you help?

  5. Hi Kenneth,

    Did you leave PK or are you still there? Are all the departments the same. I know a friend who wishes to work in their Customer Service department. Can you recommend that for him? Politics in that department as well or do they treat people better there?

  6. Hey you must be someone from PK, but you got my signature wrong.
    The only sad thing is the code your writing…

    I could erase this comment but I choose to show everybody the sort of “support” you can get when you work there.
    Your comment is so unprofessional that it just perfectly reflects the way it goes in Pocket Kings.

    BTW it’s true I was very sad in Pocket Kings.

  7. Worked there for a year, hated it. Very unfriendly (superficially ok, but political and tyrannical)

  8. Hi Kenneth,

    I’ve just been offered a job at PK I would to get some info ’bout the company, the site (haven’t been able to find it), politics and whatever else you can think of

  9. If you like Poker it’s the place to be. The benefits are great too. The downside is it’s hostile, people disappear without notice and your work is not going to be appreciated.

  10. I saw they have a consulting arm. What is that all about?? Is there any place else to get information just does not seem to be much out there.

  11. Hiya. Now I’ve been in shock, literally. As I already sent my CV to one of agent and I’m supposed to have an interview in P.K. I was kind of intereted in that position (particulary business support in multilingual customer service). it looked quite a good career but I ‘m very embarrased with above comments. If P.K. isn’t a good company for work, I’d better stay where I work now.

    Will you tell me more details about the ‘ real P.K.’? I’d be very appreciated that.

  12. I’ve read some interesting comments from a disgruntled former employee about the full tilt game play software and how it adjusts the deal to encourage betting in cash games or expedite play in some tournament situations. Can anybody point me to a former employee familiar with the RNG and shuffling algorithm to verify or discredit what I’ve read? Thanks!

  13. Do i need to be shocked..hell yes! I want to know what its like working at Poket Kings..if i am going to make a change, leave my job and take a leap of faith.

    Please anyone out there tell me more, is it a nice place to work, there is always politics at work but the question is it bearable?

    anyone out there talk to me….i dont want to waste my time or theirs if its no good?
    thanks….im a fish, no shark

  14. Bad place to work for techies. No communications, techonology is a mess (good basic concept for poker playing server, terrible implementation, constatnt fire-fighting), very political, bad working atmosphere, no appreciation for contribution. Pays well though, many don’t last to see if they get their first bonus.

  15. Just got offered a Greek speaking customer service position. Is it worth it? Think I should make the move from the states for this place? Initially wanted to move to the west of Ireland but there;s no jobs and settled on Dublin. Advice would be appreciated…

  16. Was gonna apply for a position at PK offering up to 90k pa. After reading all the negative feedback aboout the place (both here and on other sites) I think I’ll rather stay where I am.

    Thanks Kenneth.nn1nn1

  17. Good idea Dave, burn out city. I see they are constantly trolling for resumes from C# & C++/QT developers. High turnover of staff.

  18. Hatesthemforeverprecious comments are about right……..some good people but difficult place to work. Far too many death marches.

  19. Worked for them for almost a year, those of you who are thinking to accept their offer or even consider attending an interview – stay away. They are totally disorganized, don’t care about their employees, your work is never appreciated. Management constantly reminds of its authority and will get rid of you when you are late or asking too many questions.

    They hire the best people who could make a great team, but the all lose their potential and motivation in the atmosphere of chaos and tyranny.

  20. Worked for PK for 10 months, till Dec. 2009, as a C++/C# developer for their Client Team, on 80k salary. Extremely hostile environment, zero appreciation of what you do. They look for best engineers to do monkey work for them. Why? – Because they can afford it. It’s not that they have more money than sense, it’s more like, they got 10 times more money than sense. It is a place to suck you dry and then stub you in the back when you are not watching. Worst job i’ve had in Ireland, and money made no difference.

  21. is that bad?, applied 4 days ago i got a reply to set a phone interview, i not living in Irland, so if i choose this company, i nee to relocated, it is worth?

  22. What’s PK like to work in for none techies? Currently looking at a position in there and wondering if life is any better for people in non technical roles? All advice / recommendations appreciated.

  23. Hi,

    Looking for a QA/Tester role in PK. Any one know how is the QA department? Any experiences ?? Go further or better to stick to my current job?


  24. Hello Former Pocket Kings Employees

    I am also a former employee of Pocket Kings. I relocated to Ireland for the purposes of taking up employment with Pocket Kings.

    Basically, Pocket kings has been breaking Irish immigration greencard law by relocating employees from abroad and then dismissing them without notice and without final pay usually within 6 months of commencing employment. They do this under the guise of recouping relocation costs. This leaves foreign workers shipwrecked in a foreign country in a very stressful situation of having no money. Regardless of reason for dismissal, you are entitled to your final paycheck and 1 week’s notice or payment in lieu of such notice.

    Read the front of your greencard employment permit as clearly states that this is in violation of section 23(c) of the employment permits act of 2006.

    I am reaching out to see if anyone else has this circumstance while building up a legal case.

    Would your circumstances be related to this? Do you know anyone who had circumstances like this? IE, they were relocated, fired during their probationary period and denied their final paychecks?

    reply to:

    Thank you

    source: More:

  25. Hmm.
    Reading these comments makes me feel a bit better. Got turned down for a basic QA engineer job there, as I blew the phone interview. I really like texas hold’em and used to play on tables with fiends mostly. Never really played online much. I would have been there for the poker atmosphere only, and to take up online gambling. Off to China now probably.

  26. Hi,

    I been through a phone interview and a 5 hours face to face interview for a senior programmer (server) role.

    Interview process was great they concentrated on what in know instead of right or wrong answer. We had a good talk on low level programming stuff.

    People are good and they have heigh and good tech standards. Whether i get a job with them or not i like the process and people.

  27. Hi all, anyone been offered a relocation package at pocketkings? Does anyone know about their accommodation provided?

  28. I had an interview for Pocket KIngs in December. I did not like their interview technique or the interviewers attitudes. I was offered a job though I turned it down due to bad reports about the working environment atmosphere from a two friends who work there.

  29. Pocket Kings is an extremely dysfunctional and depressing place to work. And now there is no communication from management and a mass exodus of talent.

  30. I am a professional writer who has been commissioned to write a book on the online poker ‘Black Friday’ scandal. I would love to hear from any former Full Tilt/Pocket Kings employees about their experience working with the company. Please get in touch at

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