Website + Music: Chromosoniq

The birth of Chromosoniq, our electro pop project. We have finally finished all our demo tracks and the mixing is done. This project is 2 years in the making. Tracks and music written by Nixa, I produced and programed the electronica. We are planning on taking over the world, so as a first step I set up this website. There is a cool flash animation and it’s inspired by the universe. Check it out, Download the music for free.

From the site:

Here you can meet Nixa Diantina and Kenneth Weiss, the founders of the chromosoniq vibe mission. Listen to their songs, look at some photos or just check the great animation. The cross-galctic vibe reserch program hopes you enjoy your stay.

Chromosoniq-Electro Pop

We have signed a contract with Toryumon.

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