Links and My Sites

A List of sites I had developed:
Kenneth Weiss Portfolio My old portfolio site. The site was dedicated to Video editing, Flash animations and Music that I made.
We Both Know Find out who you both know on your iPhone or iPod Touch.
פרגולות דקים מעץ איפאה My brother’s site, Orion Weiss, he is a deck and wood contractor.
Mira Dreadlock hair dresser My sister’s site, Mira Weiss, she is a hairdresser that specializes in Dreadlocks and Braids.
Natan Elkanovich Artist Portfolio Natan Elkanovich – Natan’s work is manly Pop-Art and he uses a combination of Acrylic, Silicone and Mix-Media to create intricate and detailed paintings.
Short Term Project – Techno Dance House Short Term Project – This site is dedicated to one of my music projects. The music is mainly Euro-Dance and Electronic music.
The Irish School of Landscape Painting Irish School of Landscape Painting, Come to Ireland and enjoy an truly Irish painting holiday for beginners and professionals with tutoring in the beautiful landscapes of Connemara and Wicklow. Founded by Kenneth Webb in 1957.
Chromosoniq – Electro Pop One of my older music projects. Chromosoniq, is mainly intelligent electro beats with vocals.
By Lennox Design By Lennox- Portfolio for a freind of mine, Gil Lennox.

See Who Sampled Who, Discover the DNA of Music This website’s community is building the ultimate database of sampled music! Here you can discover & discuss music that is based on other music. For example, did you know that:
DJ Ran Shani One of my best friends website. He is a great musician and producer.


Mac head from the age of 6, when I got my hands on our first Apple ][. I have been loyal since, although I do occasionally stray to other systems. I am a C++ Macintosh/Windows developer for 10 years and an iPhone enthusiast. As soon as the official iPhone OS SDK was out I began coding on the Cocoa touch platform. I enjoy every aspect of creativity that software programs have to offer, from graphic design to music composing. I am crazy about the web and in my spare time I develop websites to stay in touch with the new technologies.